Wednesday, June 1st

I have been here in Ningbo for about five days now, so I got accustomed to the life here. The first day, before I got into the airplane from Taiwan to China, here are my thoughts.

  • Am I going to be picked up okay? (As in will the person come on time or find me correctly from the airport)
  • How will China be different than America or India or Taiwan?
  • Will I be able to find alright as a vegetarian?
  • Will I get along with the host family well, can I communicate with my limited Chinese and their limited English?
  • What is my internship going to be like? I still don’t have a clear idea of my tasks. What if I am not able to do it?
  • I have to make sure I don’t do or say anything that can get me in trouble with the Chinese communist government.
As you can see, I had a lot of anxiety and doubt, but I realized that is natural and f understandable, so I didn’t worry too much, and everything did turn out all for the best. I met a very nice lady who sat next to me on the flight that helped me. I got picked up on time, was able to withdraw and convert money form the ATM, and was safely taken to my host family’s place. The family is very nice, friendly, and understanding. There is Mr. Lin the doctor, Mrs. Wu, the daughter who’s English name is Ruby who’s thirteen years old, and the grandmother, Mrs. Wu’s mother. They gave me good food and Ruby’s room to use for the next six weeks of my internship, and provided with me with Wi-Fi access. 
Culture Corner
  • Almost everyone here has only one child due to the rule in the 80’s.
  • Everything seems very environmentally friendly here because there is a heater to turn on hot water when needed, a switch to turn on the Wi-Fi, two buttons to flush the toilet (based on what you do), and recycling.
  • All the Ningbo people eat a bowl of rice for their meals and share dishes of meat and vegetables placed in the center with their chopsticks. Ningbo people love their seafood because Ningbo is close to the sea. 

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