Culture Shock!

  • I’ve noticed here that no one wears shoes in the house (just like India), but the difference is that everyone seems to switch into house shoes as soon as they walk into the house.
  • I’ve seen changing rooms in clothing stores, and I find it interesting that there are a pair of slippers provided in each changing room.
  • As one may expect, everyone eats with chopsticks here. But, either I’ve been taught wrong or it’s different in every place because the way I use it and Chinese people use is not the same.
  • People have a more sense of traditionally here. for instance, a typical bar here is not a club but a café that also serves alcohol. And, boys and girls are more distant; no guys are allowed into the girls’ dorms and vice versa. But guys and guys and girls and girls are much more closer with each other (physically and emotionally), but that is normal here and doesn’t indicate any sense of homosexuality. Actually, homosexuality is heard of here but very rare.
  • As I have always heard, the Chinese don’t like the Japanese, but I was surprised to see that most people I’ve talked to, especially to the younger generations, people are either unbiased or love Japanese culture.
  • All the Ningbo Chinese people I’ve encountered seem to shower at night.
  • Ningbo people do not eat much spicy food, but my host family tries to make spicier food for me because they know I love it. I feel guilty sometimes because my hostfamily goes out of their way to try to make sure I’m well taken care of.
  • I don’t really get cultured shock that easily, and all these things were expected because India is similar to China in these ways.

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