Week Two Update

This past week has been really fun; I made lots of friends and also began my work as well. Here are some of my highlights.

  • I went to a business expo with many national and international booths set up to promote their companies.
  • I now have met all of the EPs, and I think they’re all really cool. They are Caleb and Alex (USA), Krigers and Chendra (Malaysia), Madeleine (Phillipines), Katherina (Indonesia), and Nikunj (India).
  • I went to the Ningbo Museum and learned about Chinese culture and history; on a side note, I also learned many useful Chinese characters.
  • I went to a large shopping mall complex and there went to a Chinese dubbed movie, a buffet, and an arcade.
  • My first presentation was my introduction about myself and my culture; there were seventy people present, ranging from loud children to curious adults. Anything I said in English, Nero would translate into Chinese.
  • I have had two English corners for little children where I worked with them and taught them basic colors, animals, and foods. Playing games is effective to teach children.
  • I have also had two English classes for adults where I had students ranging from not knowing any English to being fluent but needing more practice; I just taught everyone important function words and daily life conversation skills.
  • I have begun my dance classes, and with Alex’s help, I co-taught my community residents the Waltz and Ramba. We’ve only had one class so far and have a long way to go.
  • My Chinese, of course, has been improving too in this process. I gradually learn more words, recognize more characters, and use more advanced grammatical structures to listen and speak more proficiently. I do occasionally face challenges; for instance, I asked my homestay’s grandma for some sugar but instead got some soup. This is because of the tones in Chinese. The word “tang” with a high level tone means soup but with a rising tone means sugar.
  • Making friends and talking with them about so many different things is probably my most favorite part of this internship. I share my American/Indian culture with my host family while they do the same. I have very philosophical conversations with Meteor while I also enjoy teasing her. Basically, I want to say that every friend that I’ve made here has formed some sort of special connection with me that I won’t ever forget.

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